Seen Love Me Deadly! 1970s Necro Flick.

I cant remember the name but i once watched a movie from the 90s
It was about a love story on a big ship what later hit an iceberg and sank.
It was a really big ship, just titanic.

Be happy⚕

Vacant, Composed
The hideous 70's dubbing and squeaking Jethro thull guitar tones are enough to make this so shit that it's enjoyable..
Not to mention the hair... and cheesy horror piano/violin moments
10/10 would recommend to people who smoke valium

"You're not kidding, he's not kidding, you're a maniac" :')
Alright yeah this is pretty classic isn't it
"He's not kidding" lmao who the fuck is he saying that too
Pretty dark kill tbh
We need a classic horror thread op, get to it