Sept. 2015 Bloodmoon


ummmmm, You smell that?
Well that was a shitty end to the world...I got 2 or 3 shots of the blood moon and then had to wait another hour or more before the total eclipse started. Was alot of cloud cover and just before the eclipse was about half way through the clouds took over and bye bye moon. I knew I shoulda brought a few more beers.

Have to see what tomorrow night produces - it's supposed to last until Monday night: the bloodmoon/eclipse...not the beer...sheesh...

So here's a few shots that I took earlier tonight of this 'supermoon'...

1. The lovely city of Hamilton, from the mountain.
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2. Before the clouds set in.
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3. Eclipse has started.
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4. Same ^
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5. Same ^
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Thanks for sharing D.H.