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Sergei Martynov (also spelled as Sergey Martynov, born in 1962) is a suspected Russian serial killer who is accused of killing eight women between 2005 and 2010, and was earlier convicted of killing another women in 1992. He is currently awaiting trial after being arrested in 2010.
1992 murder
Martynov was arrested in 1992 on suspicion of raping and murdering an unidentified woman. He was convicted and served nearly 14 years in prison before he was released in 2005.
Crime spree (2005-2010)
Shortly after his release from prison, Martynov allegedly attacked a young girl in Kemerovo and was placed on a wanted list by police. He went on to commit violent crimes throughout at least 10 regions of Russia until 2010, according to prosecutors, killing eight women and attacking others. Among the other victims were two minor girls, one of which was the victim of violent sexual abuse and the other who sustained serious injuries.
Prosecutors said Martynov acted "daringly and cynically", leaving letters at crime scenes and making to effort to conceal evidence.
On 23 May 2012, Russian prosecutors for the first time publicly disclosed details about the case. He has been charged with intentional infliction of a grave injury, hooliganism, murder of two or more persons, and violent sexual actions. He is now awaiting trial in Moscow.


Also known as the 'chess board killer'. Cops found a chess board where each piece represented a murder victim, he was trying to fill the entire board, which would've given him a body count of 62, 10 more than the 'rostov ripper', he didn't make it.....


Short Bussed
The thread post article is from Wiki and details the case of Martynov, who was arrested in 2010 as stated. The picture tho, is a dead ringer for the Chessboard Killer Alexander Pichushkin, arrested in 2006. I just google imaged 'serial killer Sergei Martynov and these 2 pics came up.

270 × 186 - Sergei Martynov · Victim13, Nov 7, 2012 at 5:27 PM

220 × 300 - Alexander Pichushkin aka Chessboard

They look like 2 pics of the same person to me.:shrug:


we're on the radio ,, hate ,,wave
it is not Sergei Martynov. this is
Alexander Pichushkin
. I'm sure 1000000000%

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