Serial Dine & Dashers Cry Racism When Asked To Pay Up Front (1 Viewer)

Bill M

The Murricane
If I ran a restaurant (which I’d hate) the law might not allow me to say I couldn’t serve niggers but what about this.....



Stupidly intelligent genius
If they wanna eat for free they should fuck off back to their 3rd world disease ridden country and wait on one of the many charity vans to deliver the fucking rice!! Paid from the pockets of all these terrible white cracker nazi racists! Fucking spear chucking jungle bunnies piss me right off!
I remember seeing this video a while back and these guys are
still shitbags for pulling off shit like this; then these retards
broadcast it online, definitely low IQ fuckheads.

1. Can’t understand cause I don’t speak Ebonics. 2. Typical nigger 3. Don’t trust niggers

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