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Crusty Santa

Unpaid Elf Labor

My name is John and I dress as a clown, thirty one bodies I've buried underground A construction worker I like building flats and pulling rabbits out of hats But under my make-up I'm a mischievous man Killing as many boys as I can
Do they know who I am? I don't think they do Then I'll send them a liver to give them a clue I'll send them a letter and write it in blood and tell them about the things I've done
Brings them back, they drink beer, a deadly brew Eating his boys has their flesh for his food Gave them money to pose, put a drill in their head Didn't want them to leave tried to get them into bed
My name's Ted Bundy and I kill for fun, nobody knows how many I've done They tried to lock me up but I escaped from that place And when they killed me I had a smile on my face
Killed my kids and the people that we had round to stay Put them under the patio so they couldn't get away

John George Haigh, you can't catch me One fatal error and guilty is my only plea Thrity gallons of acid, down in the cellar Thrity gallons of acid, false teeth of an unkown dweller Come on Mrs D have a dance with me, it's going to be your last Sulphuric acid a major key Four more before, it's a perfect plan Four more again Kill as many as I can
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