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sex life of the homeless

Discussion in 'Underground Media' started by Elvis_presley, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. msr

    msr Here pikey pikey, swallow mah cawk.

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  2. Liver1

    Liver1 Veteran of GG

    At least they're getting some
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  3. lovedeadmigs

    lovedeadmigs msr's neihbor.

    I agree and it is more than most of the male posters here can say. lol
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  4. nola

    nola Forum Veteran

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  5. Elvis_presley

    Elvis_presley In your wife's wet dreams Ogrish Forever!

    And some more street love HERE
  6. mrln

    mrln fuck the govt...

    she's working for food.....
  7. Scotschik

    Scotschik NewbieX

    And female
  8. lovedeadmigs

    lovedeadmigs msr's neihbor.

    Joined today the site here. First order of business... quoting migs.

    Please post a picture of your hands in my thread down stairs as you hold a piece of paper with my user name (migs) on it.

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  9. Stryker

    Stryker Banned