She REALLY wanted a baby..

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. - A woman used a stun gun to subdue an expectant mother before killing her and cutting the baby boy from her body, a police investigator testified Tuesday.

Kentucky State Police Detective Chad Winn, speaking during a preliminary hearing in Warren County District Court, said Kathy Michelle Coy told 21-year old Jamie Stice they were going shopping for baby supplies but took her instead to a wooded area with plans to kill her.

Coy, 33, has been charged with murder and kidnapping of a minor.

Winn testified that after attacking Stice with the stun gun, Coy slit Stice's throat and wrists, then cut the baby out of her abdomen. Winn said Coy eventually led investigators to Stice's body and gave details of the slaying.

"She advised that she stunned her, her throat was slit, her wrists were slit, she was disemboweled," Winn said as members of Stice's family fled the courtroom in tears. "The baby was obviously cut out of her."

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why was so hard for her to find some loser on craigslist and have a couple one night stands, get knocked up and have the kid 9 months later.