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Shootout with Brazilian cops leaves 6 robbers dead on the slab

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Images' started by SicMonster666, Oct 27, 2016.

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    On the afternoon of Monday the 10th, 2016, six bandits were killed in a confrontation with military and civilian police in the Nilmara Garden neighborhood of RondonĂ³polis, Brazil.
    According to the military police, the gang which was heavily armed went to rob a Credit Agency, robbing dozens of customers and employees then stole weapons from local security guards.
    After the robbery the criminals fled in two cars.
    The police officers of the Special Operations Group (GOE) who were in the city were called and so began the search.
    There was a great number of civil and military police in the city that day due to a an investigation into the death of a priest.
    These guys were fucked from the start.
    But the number of Police in the area didn't discourage them one bit & robbed there target anyways (not to smart of them).
    They were later found by the GOE Police with the support of officers of the Organized Crime Combat Management (GCCO) and the Police agents of robbery and theft after receiving an anonymous tip.
    The criminals were in a residence counting and dividing the money when they were surprised by the police.
    The bandits reacted & fired at the police officers who also responded & a hige shootout ensued.
    There were 7 bandits in the house, of the seven, six were killed immediately and were sent to the Medical Legal Institute (IML) RondonĂ³polis.
    The seventh bandit was transported to a local hospital and remained hospitalized in serious condition.
    No police were injured during the shootout.

    6 bandits killed after shootout with Brazilian cops1.jpg 6 bandits killed after shootout with Brazilian cops2.jpg 6 bandits killed after shootout with Brazilian cops3.jpg 6 bandits killed after shootout with Brazilian cops4.jpg 6 bandits killed after shootout with Brazilian cops5.jpg 6 bandits killed after shootout with Brazilian cops6.jpg
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