Show me your finest axe (1 Viewer)

Guitars or complete rig. I want some god damn string porn. I just got this custom shop robert cray. It's a 94.



You've got to laugh
Nae takers yet mate, I gave an axe to a friend and he smashed a car up then a door an threw it away then the polis turned up at my door with my mate but no axe.My mate that done it's dead noo, write a tune aboot it, you wouldn't believe the actual story of these mad cunts, love being Scottish
Dont know why but that's called Lynx in England. I guess in America lynx is too hard to say. Axe is ask isn't it? In blm speak?

Eh doo don yew be talkin bout shit yew don know no shit bout, gnomesayin!? Lemme axe yo ass sumthin, is yew a white bitch?? Ey yo I bet yo ass is a white mo fuka. Racist ass mo fuka.

Lol yeah they also cant finish any word they start. But axe is a common one. "Lemme axe you a quession" god it's annoying.

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