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Now I want to play with you
true, this guy here is great:

i use it a lot. cuts wood up to ~7cm/3". would be a good dismembering tool for the cartels in mexico 🤣

Ever break a Fiskers? I have.

My favorites are my splitting axe, chopping axe and maul. All fiskers of course.


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Denim Chicken

Woefully beefless
I want to get a 7 or 8-string, that would be my next purchase if I had the money. Not because I've 'mastered' 6 strings or anything, but I already tune down to B on that red guitar and it would be easier and sound and feel better on a 7 or 8 string


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Lol yeah they also cant finish any word they start. But axe is a common one. "Lemme axe you a quession" god it's annoying.
Heh heh heh...SP

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