Since nobody's Watchin my "Little Precious"

two dogs fucking

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A buddy of mine just stopped by; And He's a sort of "Keep it Real" kinda Guy! Anyway he lays this "Little Gem" on my lap and says; Hey man,U know Me; I'm not into any weird shit! And my Roomate Fucked Off, And left this behind.I can't hv this in my Home; I've got Family and Shit that come by,And I can't B caught Dead with this Fkn Thing! Dump it for Me Bro! And the look on His face the whole time He's talking was Fkn Killing me,I almost fell down and Died laughing! Lmfao...SP View attachment 425817View attachment 425818
How’d she work?


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Put it in a bath full of bleach and water, rinse it, then fuck that thing hard, then let us all know if they are worth buying.
Not that I care....