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Ivan Drago

I like browsing through extensions and add-ons for stuff, but there are so many choices it can take forever to go through them all. I was just thinking that maybe it might be fun to have a thread where we can share sites, extensions and stuff that we find useful and fun with each other.

Just some cool apps stuff.

I fine Lightshot pretty useful. It's nothing special. It lets you basically clip out a part of the screen your on. For example, if you go to the site webinpaint which is used to remove watermarks from images it allows you to circumvent downloading the finished image. They allow you to remove the watermark, but when you go to download the image they block you and want money. Use Lightshot to simply cut it out instead. Chrome and Firefox.

This website allows you to download PornHub's videos and many other sites for the videos that require money to download.

I find Colorlinks handy. Sites you already visited are usually a faint purple which are kind of faint for me. This extension allows you to choose your own color so that your visited links may be easier for you to see.


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