smells like a dead rat...


hometown story!

" According to court documents, Lawson admitted to killing her son in November 2009. She told police that she "couldn't take his temper tantrums." She also said she "gave J.K. (Jezaih King) olive oil and vinegar until he stopped breathing." Lawson said she wrapped the three-year-old in a blanket and put his body in a closet."

(death by salad dressing!!!1!!1!)


I thought this thread was about haitians that were alive hahaha

haitians actually smell like dead snakes cuz their soap smells like a dead snake.


^^ Noway brother, you just bought them that big giant house with screened in pool
on a nice sized piece of property in a very nice neighborhood. And I wouldn't want
to destroy your/our gift to them.

Guess what else ya bought'em. A brandnew BMW Z3 convertible with pearl white paint.
I guess it wouldn't hurt to steal the car though. Cuz the sonofabitch doesn't even
know how to DRIVE IT! Hahahahaa we bought that bastard a $60,000 car that he
can't drive hahahaha

Long live the great ameriCANT


In the Prep Room
Her ass needs to suffer a long and painful death! ! Wish these bitches would stop having babies that they refuse to nurture ! Sterilization is what they should get once they kill a child!!
Agreed, and make sure the sterilization is done with a baseball bat with a rusty nail driven through it. Batter up!