Snuff (is this real)


nice all fake but nice post......
ive heard there are new real ones out there now. they are comming out of the middle east while i have not seen any roumers are out there and im looking for em .......


the last true known uploaded snuff film
In 2009, the small town of Cohasset, Massachusetts was rocked with tragedy. A 17-year-old high school senior named Collin Mason murdered three classmates. All the murders were videotaped and uploaded to the Internet via bit torrent sites and for three days, the world viewed the murders of these three innocent teens. Through legal action, the parents of the victims were able to remove all footage from the Internet and the town tried to save face by pretending it never happened. Bootleg copies of this footage are still passed around and downloaded through illegal means. The impact of this video is still being felt in Cohasset today. The video has become infamous, and is now referred to as The Cohasset Snuff Film.
this is no longer avail and has been destroyed by the police......

“[Mason] plans and videotapes the murders of three classmates. He blogs about it and it really makes you kind of see inside his head—as a serial killer—and what he’s thinking and why he does what he does…why serial killers do what they do,” Payson told of the footage. And while the footage itself has eluded us, we did stumble on a video blog entry of Jacyln Mccoy, one of the victim’s friends reacting to the murders. It is on the same page as the new movie made about the murders.
another student

the movie is avail for download on torrents...
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I'm so interested in these murders now. I want to find out everything!!! lol. but I can't find anything =[ I want to at least find a picture of the murderer!


My gift to you, a Nightmare of terror
Although grusome, this can not be considered "Snuff" because it does not meet the requirments. A Snuff Film is one that is filmed for money. Guy A askes guy B if he could make a Snuff film for him. Guy B say's "sure, but it will cost you $10,000. Do you want young or old, male or female and how do you want it done?" Guy A gives B the list and B goes out and finds his victim, sets up the shoot, finishes the movie and hands it over to Guy A for the sum of ten thousand dollars. A killing filmed for money for a sick mind to enjoy. There are some sick fucks out there who like this kind of shit so I don't doubt there are REAL snuff films out there. Just because you kill someone and film the whole thing does not make it a snuff film.


Phantasm theme in first vid.

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