softer side of LL


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softer side of LL
quoted from a fireman "Shit works. I've saved 4 people over the past 8 months. In each case someone had started chest compressions before we got there. You don't have to give mouth to mouth, there's oxygen still left over in the blood. The brain is the first organ that starts to suffer irreversible damage from lack of oxygen, better for a car to run on fumes than nothing at all.

Just compress between the nipples, you'll break ribs, especially in older folks, but any ribs that are going to break will break in the first 10 seconds, after that it will be smooth sailing. And like they said, better to have broken ribs that can heal than to be dead and not be coming back.

It does save lives, the people that didn't get compressions before we got there didn't make it. Any of them"