Soldiers ordered not to shoot Talibian IED planters because it wakes up locals


Dont think its about disturbing the locals, i'm sure i read somewhere that there had been occasions that locals who were mistakenly killed as taliban when they weren't. I'll try and find it. Dont hold your breath though.

Rastis Jones Jr.

The only place something that fucked up can come from is the UN. And the only thing that will get from the US Military in the field is a fuckin' big laugh.


groovy chicken
Either they wake up from gun fire or talibans breaking down their front doors. Choices, choices...


Sorry but I have the best idea. A compromise so the locals aren't disturbed, and so that Western soldiers don't have to worry about shooting anyone.

Let's exit Afghanistan and never look back again.


Dead Meme
Islam has cast doubt on my once-ironclad belief that genocide is ethically and morally reprehensible. I harbor an intense dislike for beastly religious dogma, willful ignorance, and the embrasure of barbarism and dictatorship; that's what the Muslim world is all about.

I'm neither conservative, nor religious (I'm practically an atheist), nor blindly patriotic... but I'm convinced that the shitstain on humanity called Islam would leave the Earth a much better place should it just happen to not be there one morning. I can't think of any other way to get rid of the despicable religion than through killing its adherents.

As these creatures know all too well, and fortunately for them, the West's modern, politically correct sensibilities prevent us from pulling a Roman Empire on them — in other words, conquering them piecemeal and replacing their culture and religion with something less atrocious.

I don't consider this racism by any means. Religions are organizations, adhered to by choice and societal pressure. They're entirely man-made constructs. These people's leaders wouldn't be able to turn them into terrorists without a bullshit mythological text to spin-doctor.