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Discussion in 'Games, Internet & Tech.' started by High-Grade, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. High-Grade

    High-Grade Square Go Shuppa

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  2. MrWyoming

    MrWyoming Rookie

    That just opened up a few weeks ago, I believe. Most of the photos there have been spread around the gore community since forever, nothing fresh or original. But the Porsche Girl pics are classic
  3. High-Grade

    High-Grade Square Go Shuppa

    thats correct...
  4. _Xtina_

    _Xtina_ Poster girl

    A few of them were new to me.
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  5. High-Grade

    High-Grade Square Go Shuppa

    me too mrs...
  6. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    Site has been totally fuckin dismantled. Is that what a change in format means?:challenge:
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  7. MrWyoming

    MrWyoming Rookie

    Interesting. I'e noticed the gore community has grown stagnant in the past year or two. We get the same rehashed, recycled material.... and when we do get the occasional fresh content, it's almost always a bloater in Thailand or a homicide in Brazil. 5-10 years ago, it was a bit more fluid.... more original content coming in.
    Some new site opens up, with a handful of new photos, and it gets dismantled weeks later. Is it a change in format or a change in President? I thought Trump and Hillary were for our Freedomz
  8. MrWyoming

    MrWyoming Rookie

    "speed kills me".... they ripped that off of Paul Walker. "If one day speed kills me, don't cry because I was smiling". Well, I'll tell them all about it when I see them again.
  9. McM

    McM Krautnigger

    Speed kills, keed spills,... is by Fat Freddy!

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  10. lol, i thought it was a thread about meth...
  11. High-Grade

    High-Grade Square Go Shuppa

    why the fuck is this posted here agan?...