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Agreed bethy lol I mean hell if you wanna die do it in your own damn house :p and too the guy who said she had a boyish figure. She's asian. Don't they all? :p


So much for getting a wetzle pretzel!!..let's JUST take a quicker way to ground level..you fucking cuntsplatter!!!...I wish there was rules to suicide...or a special area of the mall for death!! THAT would be awesome!!..choose where your death will take place and if people like us want to watch or take pictures of this they can go watch and take them...and the innocent ignorant sheeple can keep it pushing to bath and bodyworks or their sharper images shops!!..NO more sheep losing all their wool in a instant by walking into a situation like this..;)


Nice brain splatter... I give her an 8 out of a possible 10... She loses 2 for the boobs....or lack thereof...
did she hit a steel beam b4 she hit the floor? something split her wig open.
I'm tempted to agree with this because I haven't seen many images of falls depicting this much head trauma (unless it's a swan dive), and jumpers generally don't land on their back. Something must have deflected her fall/jump and softened her noggin'.

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I can only imagine the mushy stains that the wtc jumpers left when they hit the ground, This amount of splatter from a jumper in a mall surprised me


Don't you people know anything about blood splatter? She was flying sideways when she hit. Car vs. Pedestrian or thrown from a motorcycle.

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She must of fell at an extremely high altitude. It appears, that she had enough time to get her shirt and pants halfway undone, before the impact.

But that sandal, must of been a MF to get off...

Look at those straps!! :shitbricks:


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If I remember correctly, it was a four story drop onto a marble floor...the books don't tell you this, but if you want a relatively painless death, try to land head first...I'm personally afraid of heights, but I can imagine the girl's feeling of freedom once she was in the air...no more worries, the deed was done. As for the mess, almost all dead bodies have some cleanup required. I really don't think she cared...I really don't think she had a four story drop in her apartment to do it privately...


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There is no shame in reposting aslong as the quality is this good... I still wonder why there is so little brains on the ground, that is however the only thing disapointing about this set...


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If your looking for her brains, this shot shows some of them.

I've always wondered what she'd think that even though we don't remember her name, she is now internationally famous among a curiously strange population...