OK, seen this a million times, but I have to ask. WTF is that? Sometimes it's white and thick like a dude, but then sometimes watery and flying everywhere.
My ex squirted from time to time, and it never had an odor of piss, which a lot of people say it is.

Granted, I didn't taste it. Who drinks piss?
That's fucked up. So a real squirt is vaginal fluid coming from the urethra, where piss comes from? Seriously asking.
I mean guys drop their load from the same tube piss comes out of, so it makes sense.

But when these chicks are shooting across the room, is that for real?
yup, it's a fluid that comes from the urethra. a clear watery liquid. definitely a different smell and taste than piss lol.

And the across the room girls are rare, but real in most cases. Cytherea for example, is a real squirter who can shoot like 20 feet lol. Sometimes in porn videos the girl will start pissing and pretend it's a squirt, but it's usually pretty obvious. lol at least for me it's easy to tell.


I had a Asian girl few years ago she sent a stream across the bedroom and hit the window curtain and cant get the stain out to this day.