I dated a squirter for like 5 days, right up until I had no fucking clean bedding or towels and just after she squirted in my eyes, Next time a bitch does that she will get the Funky Cunt Punch
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lol yeah I lived with one for quite a while. the sex was great but not being able to escape the wet patch was nothing but a pain, especially if you get randy in the lounge room ( the wet patch, visitors, the dog, the smell - ya can only blame beer so often ).

Sometimes I think I can . . . . . .. nvm


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OK, seen this a million times, but I have to ask. WTF is that? Sometimes it's white and thick like a dude, but then sometimes watery and flying everywhere.
My ex squirted from time to time, and it never had an odor of piss, which a lot of people say it is.

Granted, I didn't taste it. Who drinks piss?