Stills from Japanese movie, X-Game

This movie was seriously so good. It's on netflix, if any of you want to watch it. It's called "X-Game."

It's about this guy, and after he goes to his class reunion his teacher turns up dead. He's trying to figure out who killed him. Then, they find this movie that has an "X" written on it. So they watch it, and it's a snuff film of the killing of his teacher. He can see the woman's reflection in the mirror, but it's not super clear. So he goes to his friend.
Anywho, in one part, his girlfriend calls complaining that she thinks someone is following her. So he goes out to look for her, but by then he sees the woman who he thinks did it. He calls his girlfriend and says "I think I found her, where are you?" and she tells him she's at home.
One thing leads to another, and he wakes up in this box. All he can see is the TV which is static-y and I think theres a woman who keeps saying "X-game" over and over.
He gets out of the box and sees that four of his classmates are there, and the lights turn on. They find out they're in their old classroom. These two guys walk in (they're covered in stuff so you can't see who, although one man is revealed at the end), and the roll the TV to the front and their old teacher comes on it and starts explaining the game.
Back in school, they used to torture this girl Mariko, making her play this game they called the X-Game. They would put 13 things in a box and make her pick one at random. These were things like sitting on tacs, burning her hair. So now, she's basically making them do the same thing except VERY extreme. After they pick it from the box, the TV turns on and shows sort of an introduction and says what they'll be doing. It's super cute, though. Like, it looks like something off of a game show. And they basically have two minutes to torture each other and then they have to pick another until all 13 things are done.
The plot twist is literally SO HUGE though. Jesus. Anywho, I recommend this movie hardcore!

A few other asian "horror" type movies I liked were: Battle Royale 1&2 (not very horror-y but pretty gorey), Bloody Reunion (this one was AMAZING), Hansel and Gretel (more... kind of psychological thriller than anything, but good), Cinderella, The Wig, and a lot of others but I'm drawing a blank. Anywho, that movie was great.