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You don't remember the video floating around about 2004/2005 give or take a year of the chic in the tub and it come flopping out?


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I reckon if a living one of those got insside a birds tunnel one tentacle would come out her arse another her ear,one her nose/mouth. I've seen vids of how small they can squeeze themselfs. No knowing where the full Octopus would end up inside a persons body.
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How does a female fuck an octopus? I assign the info gathering to you, please have your report ready by 5 pm. today. tyvm.
Well, there is that ancient 1814 Japanese painting called "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" that might be of particular interest....but I know of no other media containing such a pairing....

Guys dont post the octopus video it's closely Beastie . I've removed the video and links to it from this thread . ty
Except apparently there is. Wow. People will do ANYTHING for attention.