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story of tortured & raped baby.

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by walkingdead, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. walkingdead

    walkingdead Fresh Meat

    The abuse started almost immediately after she was born. Instead of hugs and kisses Brianna received slaps and pinches. She was tormented on a daily basis, both verbally and physically. Slapped, kicked, punched, pinched, thrown, and raped.

    When Brianna would cry at the pain that was inflicted on her, her abusers would laugh and stuff her mouth with clothing to muffle her screams. Her own mother would bite and pinch her when she got frustrated by the crying, but for the most part it was the infant’s father and uncle who tormented her while Stephanie sat back and ignored her daughter’s cries.

    Medical examiners would later report the marks as being both old and new which proved prolong abuse. Brianna also had bleeding on her brain, both old and new, as well as broken ribs, broken legs, broken arms, lacerations to her fingers, vagina and anus. She had been abused everyday of her short life.

    On the evening of July 18th, 2002 Andy went out to purchase beer and when he came home they all proceeded to get drunk. Stephanie claimed to have had only a few beers before heading to bed in the same room the others were in. During this time both Andy and Steven decided to play their own sick, demented game where they would toss Brianna up in the air, let her hit the ceiling and watch her tumble to the ground. They would later tell authorities that Brianna was screaming and wailing when this was happening. Apparently the baby’s mother didn’t hear her daughter screaming and crying in agony.

    Early the next morning on July 19, 2002 at approximately 7:15a.m. Stephanie awoke to Brianna crying and noticed fresh bruises on her and asked the others what happened. They told her that they may have been “a little to rough with her last night”. She accepted their answer and ignored her child’s injuries.

    That same morning Stephanie noticed Brianna needed a diaper change and Andy volunteered to do it. During the diaper change he wrapped a baby wipe around his finger and inserted it into Brianna’s anus. He also sodomized her with foreign objects. When Stephanie noticed Brianna near death she ignored it and decided to wait several hours before calling an ambulance. When she did find the time to call them, she lied and told them her daughter had fallen from her high chair. Apparently she was delusional enough to think authorities would by that story.

    Brianna was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead at 11:10AM. She was just 5 months and 5 days old. - taken from google.

    poor baby was raped by he father and uncle. And abused daily her grandparents noticed the bruises and knew she was being raped but did nothing! When police searched the house there wasn't a single picture of the baby or a toy. I hope all three are raped and tortured in prison. As for her "family" that knew what was going on and did nothing I hope they get mauled to death and die slowly and in great pain!

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  2. walkingdead

    walkingdead Fresh Meat

    Forgot this one

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  3. MawlinRogue

    MawlinRogue Prodigal Son

    jeebus!!! how f****d up in the brain one has to be to undertake such a ghastly act???
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  4. TehBitch

    TehBitch ~*I Squirt Blonde~* Administrator

    What got to me about this..was the police could not find ONE living photograph of her..only her Autopsy pic.

    One of the detectives had this retouched..and hanged it up on his wall ..in memory of her.

    20140213__LSN-L-Baby Brianna-0214-p2_200.jpg
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  5. TehBitch

    TehBitch ~*I Squirt Blonde~* Administrator

    More information:

    Three relatives, including her grandparents, were sentenced to 30 days in jail for failing to report the abuse. The maximum is one year.

    Stephanie Lopez was convicted of negligent child abuse after she failed to do anything to help her child. The New Mexico Corrections Department said that she could be released as early as September 28, 2016. Less than 15 for her daughter’s torture death. The New Mexico State Parole Board said that it’s almost certain that she’ll be released, provided that she finds a suitable home and can meet the requirements of her release conditions.

    The public was outraged when they heard about the possible release. Dozens created petitions which quickly gained signatures and many called the Governor.


    Thousands of people in the community weeped over Brianna’s horrific death. Mourners who never had the chance to meet Brianna in life came together for the baby girl in her after-life. They paid for her casket and burial and claimed her body when nobody else did. Her gravesite became a memorial site with dozens of toys and flowers, something Brianna’s family didn’t approve of.

    Brianna’s family and relatives didn’t put a penny towards the child’s funeral, burial and grave-stone. Heck, they didn’t even claim her, the community did. Her family didn’t want Brianna to receive love even after her death and went out of their way to purchase a cage to go over her gravestone in an attempt to shield her. The cage is a mess, unkempt and full of trash.

    The community refused to let Brianna and her story simmer and still placed flowers around the cage. They’ve also created another memorial site to visit and remember the little girl who never had a chance.

    When asked why they put a cage over Brianna’s grave-site, Brianna’s family had little to say.

    “They were asked, and they said they just wanted to be left alone and they wanted Brianna to be left alone,” Martinez said.

    Inside the cage is a cherub with a finger raised to her lips. Some believe it’s a message.

    “My first thought was, ‘Let’s not talk about what’s occurred here,'” Lopez said.

    The community vows to not let that happen. People still visit and leave flowers and have built another marker as well. Brianna’s story has been told dozens of times and is still being told over a decade later on websites and online memorials including Brianna Lopez Last Memories and Facebook memorials such as In Loving Memory of Baby Brianna

    Detectives, social workers and prosecutors who worked on her case will also remember Brianna.

    “Before they started the autopsy and her little face was lying on a white sheet and I thought she looks asleep,” Wright said. “So I just took the picture.”

    The picture was photo-shopped to edit out all the marks, bruises and scars she had. It’s the Brianna the community likes to remember.

    “There’s a photograph of her to carry on of her little life,” Wright said.

    The picture hangs on the wall next to Susana Martinez’s desk.
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  6. Honest One


    They all deserve death!
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  7. maven

    maven Southern Charm

    sick, sick people...so many childless couples out there and sadistic creeps like that just breed on. They should be strung up. This stuff happens way too often.
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  8. R a n d o m

    R a n d o m af9yTg2fNlDqHcOFkK

    Rape and beat them all to death with this:
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  9. Frankie1234

    Frankie1234 Rookie

    Dirty fucking pigs the whole lot of them, can you imagine what this little girl must have felt probably did not even no what laughing was, one can only hope that someone cuts thier necks open and takes them out of this world. And the reason why capital punishment should be standard for these people...
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  10. Firegoddess420

    Firegoddess420 ♥ Super Dank ♥

    They need to be TORTURED FIRST!!!
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  11. Domino69

    Domino69 In the Prep Room


    I've heard Baby Brianna's story a dozen times, never fails to give me a belly full of helpless rage and an eyeful of tears, that poor, sweet INNOCENT baby.

    I hope they do get released soon, let the community that's been so kind to her, take their rage out on THEM. That Officer has her picture on his wall, you think any cops are going to 'find the torturers' of her parents? Not a one.
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  12. snatch

    snatch Avidly prowling for spoil

    hello...I did a ten year briana reunion thread already

    let,s spread the sads to other beaten and murdered chirruns
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  13. _Xtina_

    _Xtina_ Poster girl

    Could not finish reading this.

    Sad, sad story.

    R.I.P., innocent angel.
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  14. Sammie

    Sammie Badabing!

    I cannot even process such hideous monstrous behavior.
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  15. KingSlayer

    KingSlayer Slayer

    sick fuckers,they should be hung and pissed on,they are low lifes how can any one ever do this to a wee baby :facepalm::(
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