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Struggling man beheaded by militia

Discussion in 'Murder' started by DeadZone, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. DeadZone

    DeadZone Don't let fear decide your fate

  2. Nex

    Nex You've Heard It All Before

    They're like a pack of animals fighting over a kill. Are those Sumsung Galaxies I see? :lulz:
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  3. Fallmatic

    Fallmatic NewbieX

    Dude I was just curious what snuff was I almost feel like throwing up holy shit
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  4. Vita Von Dahmer

    Vita Von Dahmer Well Known Member

    TE="Fallmatic, post: 828703, member: 109343"]Dude I was just curious what snuff was I almost feel like throwing up holy shit[/QUOTE]That's not snuff, that's just sandniggers worshiping their dirty brown god. You need a hug? Bear Hug.gif
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  5. Allovera

    Allovera Rookie

    for fuck sakes achmed sharpen the knife
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  6. maven

    maven Southern Charm

    It seems they purposely use dull knives...guess they like sawing through flesh and bone like a piece of wood. Disgusting bunch of animals.
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  7. Breaker

    Breaker Questionable Etiquette

    They lack strength...living in an Arab is a massive burden. What with Western penis-envy, reoccurring dreams of goat fanny, hellabaloo dialect, genuine camel toe, dust mites, orifice-seeking dust storms, horrendous left stank hand, a shite book of archaic praise, touchy-touchy prophets, untouchable snackbar and general strong beautiful women with a thirst for real knowledge...and the piss-take goes on and on and on.

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