Stupid terrorist attack in Russia

28 August 2017, Kaspiysk, Russia.

Google Translate :

Two 19-year-old guys with knives attacked patrol officers at the time when the police were filling the UAZ Patriot service vehicle with gasoline. As a result, both attackers were killed. One policeman with various stab wounds was hospitalized in the Central City Hospital of Kaspiysk, the second - a senior police sergeant Mirzaev S.Šš., born in 1990, died at the scene of the attack. Two knives and attributes of ISIS withdrawn from the scene of attack.


Walter E Kurtz

Fresh Meat
Unfortunately here in U.S.A. one of our amendments constitutes that imprisoned or deceased criminals of any range cannot undergo rare and unusual punishment. Fucking shame is what that is. I'd mutilate the shit out of those responsible who intended/committed terrorism. 1000 slice style.