Suicide for political reasons




His page - Dmitri Roedov

Snow-covered square in the city of Ishimbay. A citizen goes to the center of the square, spreads a blanket and sits on it. Then she takes off her jacket and sweater, drenches gasoline all over herself and sets fire to it. After a couple of tens of seconds, Dmitri falls to the ground in pain and begins to roll on it. A crowd of onlookers runs up and throws it with snow.

With burns, 80% of the body was taken to hospital. Doctors fought for his life, but unsuccessfully, not pulled.

To say that the janitor who was nearby was in shock - to say nothing. The housing and utilities worker did not rush to the aid of a man before he flashed like a torch, well, and even more so.

So. For possible reasons.
During the self-immolation, Dmitry Rudov shouted: "Corruption! Corruption!" The square adjoins the city administration building. And it also became known that a man wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin in December with a complaint about his illegal dismissal from work and the disease of gout.

- Over the last month I lose consciousness every 2-3 days. There is no power to even go to the hospital from pain, although it is less than 500-600 meters to go to it, Dmitry writes. He is unhappy that he is not given a disability.

The letter ended with the phrase: “I hope I will live to see your choices, without medicine.”