Surfer dude interview after killing a dude. (1 Viewer)


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Fuck. I have no idea WTF he actually said. :confused:
I'd get more sense out of :nig: in a ghetto vid.

Are surfers the new hippies? :shrug:

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surfer turned oogle?

either way, good for that guy..


Sassy hippy junkie fuck. Can't even listen to this dude talk with out him say fuck every two seconds sounds like a damn sorority girl

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a fuck off is always acceptable*
this guy "kai" is in jail on murder charges in nj. went home with some lawywer who was later found dead from blunt force trauma. so this guy posts somewhere, maybe fagbook, something along the line of "what would you do if you woke up with a metallic taste in yer mouth and cum on yer face?'. hes claiming date rape. its been awhile since i saw the story.

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