Teen accused of throwing 9-year-old from a roof in the Bronx says it's an accident


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The twisted teen accused of pushing his 9-year-old neighbor off the roof of their five-story Bronx apartment building told cops it was an accident — but admitted he didn’t go for help.
“I grabbed Freddy around the legs,” Casmine Aska, 17, said, referring to victim Freddy Martin, according to court papers.

“His feet were off the ground. I turned around. I slipped and Freddy fell. I did not call 911. I did not tell my mother. I did not check to see if Freddy was okay.”
Bizarrely, Aska said, “I did not hear the thud until I went into the apartment.”

Prosecutors say Aska dragged Martin up the stairs of their building on Nelson Ave. in Morris Heights on Friday, picked the boy up and threw him off the roof.
Before losing consciousness, Freddy managed to tell EMTs, “Cas dragged me to the roof and threw me off — I don’t know why,” according to court papers.



was he practicing for hammer throwing at the Olympics or what? I really wish I could read the thoughts of some people


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Threw him off to see if he could fly of course. What else would you throw someone off a building for?


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