Teenage motorcyclist killed in bizarre accident


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In Brazil, a speeding vehicle caused a concrete utility pole to collapse and created a barrier which blocked the road.

A young couple riding a motorcycle failed to see the obstacle and struck the pole while travelling at high speeds, this sent them both flying several metres across the pavement.

Though the passenger survived, the driver of the motorcycle was not so lucky after having fatally struck his head on the concrete upon impact.
I have to admit I wondered if this was real at first.... Incident happens at approx 1:25, looks like he was killed instantly.

Link: www.liveleak.com/view?i=85b_1441581271


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So did the cunt that caused the accident survive then :shrug:
least it was quick for him the guy on the ped, just think if they'd been gore lovers, they wouldn't have been going so fast :fs: :fishbeat:


Its stupid to approach a scene like that driving so fast. He had to see all the stopped cars and the people, and someone with common sense would immediately sense danger. Um, you would think