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Peel the flesh slowly
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice confirms they believe convicted murderer Gonzalo Lopez, 46, has killed five people( 2 Adults, 3 Children) since escaping from custody May 12.

Gonzalo escaped custody after breaking free from restraints while being transported. Police say he had a AR-15 and handgun. Gonzalo Lopez was shot and killed in Leon county,TX.

JG Ballard

I want to watch
Anyone know if he killed those five people randomly or just to steal their vehicle? Or did he know them?


silent ghost
So we paid to keep the fucker alive in prison,he escapes,murders an innocent family,and now we will get to pay for his burial.I really hope that someday we can start just issuing summary executions!
thats the thing. these scumbags should pay to be in prison. assign them jobs. dont give them a choice if they want it or not.
"here ya go,snake out that jizz clogged drain asshole. start paying for your room and board that the tax payers have been supplying you". garnish their wages when they get out and hold a legit job. sell off their belongings. SOMETHING!