The Abandoned Cathedral. (images) + VICE Article. (1 Viewer)

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Christchurch Cathedral was illegally entered and photographs were published online showing it's current state.
church3.jpg church1.jpg church3.jpg

The same day an article appeared on the VICE website.
A simple image and text piece with links to events.
I saw the article mentioned via a newspaper because of the guy interviewed. He wasn't happy about the way it was presented, the paper took the angle of "how dare he!!" And someone said "Oh yes, we have to think positive, ignore this, our city....blah blah"

I looked at the photos, they generally reflect the city area, there is alot more that he wouldn't have seen in the suburbs.
Video i made, the bridge is now gone, so are most of the houses.

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