The Alcàsser Girls

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I'm not an investigator, but as many other people in Spain do, we don't trust the official story based on Miguel Ricart's third statement because it can't explain the crime itself.
For instance there is research work named "autopsia en La Romana" in Spanish which explain how the alleged timeline the kidnappers did when Anglés and Ricart kidnapped the girls in Picassent until La Romana, then they went back to Catadau for order some food to take away and finally then they came back to La Romana seems to be wrong. I did the English translation, so take a look and then tell me if the third statement of Miguel Ricart makes sense:

This is the third statement of Miguel Ricart:
Alcasser teenage girls case, Spain - Page 4

This is the translated version of the research work I told you above:
The way from Alcàsser to La Romana

There is another thing you must know about Alcàsser murders. There is a Spaniard actor named Marc Romero who will direct a movie named "75 días",. which means "75 days" next year. Such movie will be about the Alcàsser murders just as activism into the genre of social problem film. It mainly will take apart the shit official story, so we will see.
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I read on even though my bed was calling....I was waiting in anticipation as the suspense heightened and was hoping that they got those pesky villians in the end, beehives got mentioned...beekeepers got mentioned ....but what about the killer bees?
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Part 1. Girls Missing & Discovery of Their Bodies

They headed to a crumbling abandoned house near a place known as La Romana, in a very isolated and mountainous area closer to the Tous dam. They tied up the girls, raped two of them vaginally and anally, occasionally using objects like sticks. Then they went to Catadau in search of some food and returned two hours later, raping the third girl.

After all sorts of atrocities and humiliations that left the girls with various injuries and bruises, the attackers slept until morning, ignoring the cries and screams of the dying girls. When they woke up they forced the girls to walk to a pit they had previously dug, and beat them again. There they continued torturing the girls. According to the autopsy, Desirée suffered a traumatic amputation of the right nipple and areola with a sharp object, likely a knife or perhaps pliers, and was then stabbed twice in the back.

The other girls screamed while being beaten with sticks and stones, almost killing them. They were finally shot and buried. Miriam's corpse displayed vaginal wounds caused by an object provided with sharp edges, possibly produced postmortem. The killers picked up the spent cases and cleaned the car.

The Alcàsser Girls

Set 4.

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9. Dark coloured blanket used to wrap the bodies of the dead girls in.
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10. Items uncovered at the burial site.
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14. No idea what that is.
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#14–looks like an old piece of paper with some sort of official stamp/seal & a black pen


I am not interested on this thread anymore because people don't want to discuss the riddles of this crime.
Anyway, I'm happy because Netflix will release The Alcasser Murders next Friday 14 June:



That concludes Part 1.

Part 2. The Dead Girls Being Autopsied


1. The general characteristics of the body and clothes and personal items found in the same correspond to those of ANTONIA GOMEZ RODRIGUEZ.

2. Death [was] violent.

3. The death was caused by destruction of brain vital centers.

4. Such destruction of brain vital centers occurred as a result of a gunshot wound.

5. Such ballistic trauma has the following characteristics:

- Entry hole left temporoparietal level with elliptical morphology of 1.3 x 0.9 centimeters.

- Path in the cranial cavity from back to front, left to right and slightly downward.

- Kokumin projectile right orbital plate of the frontal bone.

- You can not quite pinpoint the distance from which he was fired the shot with data obtained on macroscopic examination, although it should discard the shot point blank (which is done with the mouth of the gun in contact with skin ).

6. In the body type contusive multiple lesions appear mainly at the level of the same backplane and limbs. Most of these lesions are clear signs of vital reaction.

7. A pronounced anal dilation appears consistent with the introduction of an object or anatomical part through said hole in life or postmortem on the corpse.

8. The body shows signs of having been bound hand through a loop not soft, this tie should occur before death.

9. The data obtained from the study of the evolution of cadaveric phenomena, they supported the establishment of a date of death of at least two months.

The Alcàsser Girls

Set 1.

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Wow what a terrifying way to die! Can't even begin to imagine! And the poor father, the one who couldn't take them because he was ill, the regret he must feel!