The amazing art of Mark Powell

Mark Alor Powell (born September 4, 1968) is an American photographer. He is best known for his photos of street-scenes and unusual people inDetroit and Mexico City.
In 2006 he published a book of his photography called Very Important Person[1] and has exhibited his work at the Brooklyn Institute of Contemporary Art and at the New Museum in New York City and the Museo Eco in Mexico City.
Powell currently lives in Mexico City, with his wife, Karina Morales, son Julian,[2] and daughter Agatha.
Mark Alor Powell was born in Decatur, Illinois, United States in 1968 and is originally from Detroit. For the last seven years, he has lived and worked in Mexico City and soon will become a Mexican citizen.
Excerpt from an interview from la pura vida magazine:
“Though instead of considering myself an independent observer, I think I am more, I guess, a provocative intruder. I rarely make appointments and most of my work is made from my own experiences out in the world, sometimes confrontational and involving and sometimes not. I like to get access into places or unique situations and usually because of my direct involvement in these scenes