The best of Landscape Photographer of the Year 2012 BRITAIN


The weak are meat the strong do eat...
Really amazing photos. Some of these words alone can't do justice. Very impressive.


Something Ironic...
That picture of Merlins Well is breathtaking!! One of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! Even my husband stopped and asked what is was!:)


My gift to you, a Nightmare of terror
These are absolutly beautiful. I do like the last one made out of tires, that is cool beyond words. Thanks DH, you always have something cool to share during show and tell!



no info other than its in England :) kol as hell tho :)
This sculpture is quite awesome. It was used of recycled tire rubber.
There is another statue of some stuff, i forget what it was but, the lady or guy used lawnmower and edger blades as the sculpting pieces.