The brutal art of Jon E(vil)

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Hello everyone, this my blog.
I see some names that i know, ill update the thread with images and anecdotes as time goes on doing same thing G.G.

Short conversations remembered that never fail to cheer me up.
One day i rung a shop in the city, just to see if they were open, when they answer i just ask them when they close.
(spoken in french accent)"Bonjour mousiour how can i help"
"...ahhh, yeah...gudday"
"Ahh ha you weren't expecting that!!"
"No i hate French people."
(spoken again in french accent) "Oh mousiour you want to be more carefull who you zay dat to!!
"Oh thats OK, you'll go down real quick after i unloaded my shotgun into ya face"
"WHOA!!!!! OK ahhh how can i help"
"When do you close?"
"Right now!!!"
"At 6pm tonite."

One day while walking thru the mall i was stopped by a young woman from Red Cross.
I had a T-shirt on that had a basic figure knelling, holding a camera with a handgun pointed at the back of a sitting cats head.
The words underneath read "ARTIST CREATING"
"I find that T-shirt really offensive" said one of the other girls. "I love cats"
"Ah yeah, so do i-with a bit of barbeque sauce"
The girl who stopped me then said.
"Whats that?" pointing to my necklace.
"Thats my adopted dead cat headmund"
I pick up the necklace hold it out a bit and shook it while saying in a crazy squeaky voice.
"Hello-how are you"
She then composed herself and tried to sign me up, didn't happen.

One day at work a older guy wasn't feeling to well and collapsed, i arrived later to find a very somber mood. I learned that he had been taken to hospital for observation.
So i rung the hospital later that day.
A weary voice said "Hello"
"Gudday Fred, how are ya, can't be to good, your in fucken hospital"
"hahahahaha ahhh hello Jon.
"Now Fred i heard that you were surrounded by women while you were on the ground"
"That old son was the perfect time to grab one of them by the hair and say neeeed mouth to cock, MOUTH TO COCK!!

A few years ago inspired by pictures of bottled babys, i made a freaky looking doll and placed it in a jar, i used to tell people it was my son and that he lived on the mantelpiece.
One day we were all sitting upstairs and the conversation was about a incident that had made the news concerning a rather extreme case of child abuse by some loser parents.
It was pretty serious and then one guy made the final statement
"If love you kids he don't hit them!!!!
Kinda put a fullstop of the whole thing....then i piped up
"Yeah well i can't hit my son, cause there would be broken glass everywhere...and fuck cleaning that shit up!"
He had a look of pure shock then semi laughter on his face, the guy sitting across the table from me, just shook his head and tried not to laugh, i was (not surprisingly) the only one laughing and then a womans voice quietly said,
"Your scary."

One day my cellfone rang with a number i didn't know.
"Is that Jon"
"Is that Jon with the two little girls?"
"No this is Jon with the son in a jar that lives on the mantelpiece"
"(silence) i think iv got the wrong number"

"No worries, goodbye"

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
This is the latest sculpture to be listed on a online auction site based in NZ, i have a long history of having my art removed, (13 items to date) but still have my account.
Re-animated dead cat head.
Its a duel cam piece, when the rod on the side is turned the eye and jaw go up and down at different times.
Here is a short video kinda showing how i made it, at the end how the piece actually works.


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Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
are gonna offer up ya nipples ?
lol. No. :)
But i do have part of the one they cut off on a necklace, amongst other things. Some of the pics and some of the story are on my blog.


This is the lastest sculpture that iv put up on Trade Me, its hot on the heels of the discovery of 29 seals that had their skulls caved in about 6 hours drive from where i live, this has really pissed alot of people off. A young bloke down south got 4 months for killing i believe one (maybe two) seals so the persons, when found, New Zealand aint that big, are in deep shit.
Iv posted the following statement on the auction as well, not that Trade Me will give a shit.
"I do not condone or endorse the mistreatment or cruelty of live animals. This is a sculpture that uses satire on what is a touchy subject and should be viewed as such."
The head (attached with magnets) can be whacked off with the club.

Edit: i have got one comment on that auction so far from 'hayley' in Auckland City, my reply was fairly simple.
'You sad bastard............................'


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Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs. (3 guys 1 hammer)

A moral dilemma of sorts.

As of writing this post, the 'Whack-a-seal' Trade Me auction is still up, 28 views, 1 comment.
"You sad bastard...................." was the comment. "Lol." was my reply. That was put up at 9:20am and i responded at 11:10am.
My partner of 8 years is a artist like myself, but hers is ultra nice, she has been very supportive of my antics of the years. She doesn't like these websites, nor does she like me describing what i watch on them. She'll watch 'lightweight' horror movies (she was definitely pissed off when i paid for us both to see The Devils Rejects a few years ago) and has transformed the backyard into a beautiful garden.
It's definitely makes us a very odd couple. But as i like to tell people, "She's the only woman that's ever come within this distance." (outstretched arm)
We usually go into each others studios/rooms in the house and have a chat, see what the other is doing. I said to her a while ago that im not gonna tell what i'm doing because it will be based on stuff iv seen, and it will be very nasty. She was quite happy with that.
Tonite i told her about the comment on the auction and she said she saw the images on facebook. Her view was not that i was using satire, but was condoning animal cruelty.
My response was a punch to the face and stern "SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH-THAT'S A NIGHT IN THE HOLE!!!"
Ahhh lol, no seriously, i made reference to the fact i put up my view on it, the fact that my 'profile' on their site state explicty that i'm a extreme artist and what i do is designed to shock and that the cartoon HAPPY TREE FRIENDS series has screened here in the past which depicts extreme cruelty to different animal characters without any fuss in the media.

This latest series of images and videos (Animal cruelty can be entertainment) were designed to make the viewer shudder a bit.
I have nothing personally against animals, they taste great, but depicting them in pain/experimented on does raise the hairs of people, and that was the goal.
For me, its a double edged blade, i get to see how far i can push it, but at the same time, you don't realise how far you'v gone till your over the edge.

As usual, any feedback welcome.


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Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.

The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs. Cont
Comment left on video and my response.

Well its cleverly done and all but i was thinking whats the point? I mean why would you want to re-enact such a disturbing video?

Thanks. The art i do is based/inspired on these types of videos that are freely available to watch. People watch the original to be shocked and the comment im making by re-enacting such a disturbing video is that this is now a form of entertainment.

As i said it is very well done and in much better taste than some vids on Youtube where its being re-enacted. So yeah, i suppose i get your point that 3 guys 1 hammer is now entertainment. Cant say im not guilty of it either, after all i watched it too.

The seal auction was taken down, 'Team leader Shanin' wasn't too happy.
"We discussed quite some time ago what is cool to list and what is not Jon. You should have known the public would not like this in the slightest. Really poor taste mate. We have had an overwhelming response to how sick this auction is, so I have pulled it. Please think about how it will effect the community before you list your art please."

I knew this was going pretty extreme. New Zealanders are as hippie green as a new-born baby shit.
I feel this brings to a close the chapter on animals now. i don't regret anything that i did as no animals were or would have been actually hurt or killed.
The comment 'overwhelming response' , i believe this to bullshit as the auction had only 60 views and three angry comments, if the first person had reported it when they left the comment it would have been pulled on saturday morning.
This was the case when 'Shanin' rung the first time and the second time when the 'quake survivour' was pulled i asked
"how many complaints did it get?" - "Oh-lots-hundreds"
"how many complaints did it get?" - "Oh- i don't have that page up"

Next up was gonna be a set brutal xmas cards with santa being killed in multiple ways.
Im sending the cards to my brother for him to list, he was really keen for me to do it, but after this little run-in i don't think it would be a wise idea.


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Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
I was in town the other weekend and went with some others into a '80s themed bar, i looked out of place as i usually do with my chunky nose ring and glazed over eyes. While standing at the bar thinking how silly the whole place was with the bouncers casually looking at me, a woman came up to me and said-
"Excuse me, thats a big ring thru ur nose, did that hurt? that must have been stretched up?"
"Ahhh...yeah" i muttered with a big grin.
"...but iv got something that will absolutley stun you, and you'll want to tell everyone you know."
"Yeah..." she said intrigued. "Im here on a work do"
"Mate, doesn't matter" I smiled.
"Iv had both my nipples cut off and re-stitched onto my chest" Her jaw dropped.
I wasn't gonna lift my shirt in the middle of a crowed bar so i pulled it down far enuff that she could see and knew.
Its funny when people hear and see this for the first time, and it never gets old.
She was STUNNED.
Then two of her works mates came up to the bar,
"This guys got no nipples."
I pulled down my shirt and showed them but it didn't really sink in so they were just stunned and kinda lost.
The woman was in awe of me, gave me a 'high five' thanked me very much and then i left the bar and them to mull over what had just happened.

One day i was at the supermarket and i postitioned my fingers over the little printer to grab the bill as it comes out and then hold out my hand to collect any change, a guy came up behind me with a cask of wine and grabbed a packet of peanuts.
"Is that a tattoo on your finger?"
"No, there inkrubbed scars"
"Looks like a tattoo?"
"You can see the dents from the scars, its cut with a scalpel and rubbed with tattto ink."
Stunned look. "Whoa!"
I leave, he pays with cash and is not far behind me.
"Check this out..." i say and pull down my T-shirt. "...its my nipple"
He freaks but it doesn't really register till i pull up my jersey.
He look over at the van he has arrived in yells
"Hey Charlie!! COme here-you'v gotta see this!!!"
'Charlie' and another guy get outta the van and walk towards me, kinda menacingly-they're 'blue collar' guys.
"Showem mate!!"
I lift my shirt and Charlie literally starts to shake in front of my eyes, he looked like a human jelly, this sound strange and unbelieveable, but it true and was fucken funny to watch.
The other guy just takes a step back.
"This guys into scarification and pain" says original guy
Charlie looks at mate "He's had his nipples moved..."
He looks back at me and silently holds out his hand. I shake it.
The other guy just holds out his hand the same, and smiles, I shake it.
The three guys then walk back to van, discussing what they've just seen.