The Butterfly Knife Solution


Mr. Majestic
Reach deep into your insides and tear apart the nasty bits
Surround yourself with the butterflies and locusts; they're the only friends you have
Build a sanctuary for your enemies to watch over, be careful they look back

This soul is stricken with disease and plagued by this thing called a heart.

My body battered, broken, and into a thousand shards
Shame, guilt, and heresy shroud over the lost and desperate
Rip up your penniless thoughts and drag yourself like an albatross
The only thing left is a festering, rotting corpse of what resembled you


Mr. Majestic
Thank you again. I still have some older stuff I've written somewhere
and will post that as soon as I find it. The beholder stabs the beauty of pain as they gasp for each breath.