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Salvia is a powerful agitator of the subconscious, some see themselves as when children, or surrounded by magical beings, etc. Perception is extremely vivid and surreal; often with a pressing sensation of being pulled into flatness. The experience may last a minute, then you break a cold sweat and gradually return to this absurd state of normal we're so used to. Don't be scared, don't be foolish.


Seems that happens to some.

Salvia 20X test results (summer 2009)

1. ED male 38
reverted to infancy, feelings of enclosure and vulnerability, shifting surroundings and hallucination of facial morphism. Strong feelings of distress. Will use again.

2. CC male 28
Insisted in gaming through experience, claimed at first to feel no effect and increased dose. Became paranoid and panicked as his perception became flat and layered. Says will not try again.

3. RT female 24
Uncontrolable laughter, hallucination of being surrounded by puppets and living stuffed animals from her childhood; requested sex during a second experience, again uncontrolled laughter, reports sex did not enhance nor detract from the trip.

4. MM female 33
Felt pinned down by magnetic-like force, perceived self as a toddler. Reports feeling of distress. May try again.

5. LG female 36

6. ME male 44
Surroundings became faces that sang a children's tune. On later attemps there were no hallucinations, only the appalling sensation of layering in waves.


It only lasted a few minutes and I thought it was pretty fun, but felt totally out of control. One of the dudes I was with freaked out and ran down the street! We found him a block away crying on the phone to his grandmother. God, I miss college!
Most important thing being on salvia..
Trust your friends, hope that they wont scare you.
With that thought suck it and hold it.
Make sure your product is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. That's one of the big things is what people buy.
Next use a nice bong, and an incredibly hot lighter. Not your normal bic, take a rip; hold as long as you can, release; melt. I've had a lot of crazy experiences with Salvia, much different than Lucy and 2c-XXX.

inappropriate behavior

Your apology is accepted :)
I tried it and apparently couldn't control the volume of my voice while high. I also thought my clothes were made of berlap and when I came around again (a min or so later) I had removed my shirt.

wasn't a good enough xp to care to do it again.


i love the video of the guy who rips through the window. these are good for a chuckle, but it's as if they all had temporary cerebral palsy. does not scream 'party!' to me. lol


kingfate: "I can say the same thing, I tried it a few times and I really didn't feel anything. "
salvia needs something to work with. stick to pop candy.

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