The Final Viewing


winter sucks
One final viewing I wanna see up close is Pius XII. He rotted so bad (in public!) his nose turned black and fell off.
Kept blowing off loud gravegas and- it was so bad the Swiss guards fainted at their posts.
there is something morbidly beautiful about these pictures. the black and white makes them look so beautiful. I know children died early back then usually of common illness that are easily cured now.
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Morbidly Curious
Death has become incorporated. It used to be that you could bury your dead on your own property, but now you are required by law to use cemeteries. It is just one more way to collect money from the family of the deceased. If I die before my husband, I have asked him to cremate me...that way, he can save money...and then I want him to sprinkle my ashes in places that are special to me. It's against the law to do that, but I have always been a bit of a rebel, and once I am dead, they can't arrest fuck them!