~*The Kiss*~


~spm gypsy~
The Kiss
by C B Robertson

When you want me to kiss you
Just follow my lead
Close your mouth not tight but gentle
Let me kiss those lips soft and simple
I want to feel them soft between mine
Top and bottom slow and sweet
Like drinking good wine

When it starts to get a little hotter
Open a little wider
Let my tongue gently slip in and touch yours
Then I'll come back out and taste your lips once again
Kissing them soft and gentle
My tongue touching just barely a tickle

Then it's just about time
You'll feel the hint to let me inside
Let it be intimate don't open too wide
Our tongues will dance together
Making love inside each other

Bodies as close as can be
The heat building relentlessly
Coming up for air
As I play with your hair
While I kiss your pouty lips
You open up and want more
Eyes closed as our bodies soar