The Mid-Town Torso Killer - Richard Cottingham

It was in 1979 that firemen discovered the mutilated bodies of 2 women in a Times Square Motel - decapitated with their hands cut off. It was the beginning of a murder series that baffled New York and New Jersey Police - bizarre and savage.

It ended after 5 murders and several other savage attacks when a a young prostitute escaped after being handcuffed and tortured and pointed the finger at Richard Cottingham ... a middle class man with a wife and 3 children.

He was sentenced to almost 200 years in prison.










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Damn I was going to post this guy the other day but I thought he was already listed and I was to lazy to look. Nice post.


there are more crime scene photos available apparently but i cant find them. anyone got clues?


nothing like bloody clown sex!!!!
what is it with all the killers chopping the victims up??? trying to be artisitc or something????


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omfg its santa claus:eek:
he looks like my father but with a bigger beard - who is often mistaken for santa by small children around christmas...i think that picture is actually going to creep me out more than anything else i could ever see or read here.
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This is the last person I'd ever expect to be a killer, which is why it's so disturbing.
I wonder what sent him over the edge? He is such a pleasant old guy lol. I guess if you have nice tits and your in a room alone it's slice slice baby!
what is it with all the killers chopping the victims up??? trying to be artisitc or something????
He did it to confuse police and delay ID of the victims through dental and fingerprint records. By the way he's way up there with the smartest of em. Did anybody notice he looked like Elton John in his trial photo? I reckon the hoes asked him to to sing rocket man lol.... Great crime scene pics!