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Unfortunately,some of the best Musicians and Actors,are butt ass ugly...We all know and love Mike Myers,but not attractive,Russell Brand,Nick Nolte,Sorry,if anyone likes Norman Reedus,yes,awesome actor,BUT ugly,Ozzy,Steven Fairy Tyler,Lil retard Wayne,jon Heder,Robert fucking De Niro,Elton Fag,Sean Penn,Sting,Arnold Swampnigger,Wesley Snipes,William H.Macy and Samuel L.Jackson
i'm convinced that your felon fiance has bounced your head off of many, many things. can't blame him, i'd punch you in the face too.


silent ghost
robert z'dar

steve buscemi. but funny as hell. and one hell of a nice guy,its said. was a former fire fighter in NYC.
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