The Pulp Fiction Theory

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son of satan
Pulp Fiction is a film that is mostly known for its actors, its violence, its dialog, and that it has no really linear narrative. My theory is that this add a certain affect to the story. So here is Pulp Fiction is in order so you can see if it looses something. (NOTE: I'm not including the Christopher Walken scene sense it is a flashback and takes place 20 something years before the movie's events start)

-Two hit men Jules and Vince talk in while driving about Vince's travels in Europe.
-They go to an apartment complex where business associates of their boss Marsellus who double crossed him and stole something from him.
-They enter the apartment and after a quick exchange kill two of the men in the apartment. Suddenly a man in a different room burst out and fires multiple shot at them but all of them miss. Vince and Jules return fire and kill him. Jules notices that where the bullets are in the wall should have passed through them and killed them to get to their certain spots. Jules starts saying it is divine intervention. They take the only survivor with them before they leave.
-Back in the car it turns out the survivor Marvin is an informant. While Vince is talking to Marvin his gun suddenly goes off and blows Marvin's brains out. Panicked and covered in blood Jules calls his friend Jimmy to help them with the body.
-At Jimmy's house Jimmy says that his wife is coming home in an hour in a half and if she sees them trying to hide a dead body she will probably divorce him. They call Marsellus and he send over "The Wolf" who is a guy who solves these type of problems. They clean the car, the two hit men get a change of clothes, and they ride off to the dump to dispose of the body.
- Jules and Vice go to a diner to have breakfast where is gets robbed by a couple. Jules calms down the situation after giving them a bunch of cash. Vice and Jules leave.
- They go to a bar owned by Marcellus who is in the middle of telling a boxer named Butch to throw his next fight for a cash bribe.
-Vice is asked to babysit Marcellus' wife Mia while he is out of town.
- Before he does Vice goes to his dealer Lance's house to buy a bag of heroin (he is a part time user and not a full blown junkie because we only see him shoot up once)
-Vice and Mia (who is a huge coke head) go to a 50 style diner to have dinner and then enter a twist contest and win.
-Back at Mia's place while Vince is in the Bathroom Mia finds his heroin, thinks it's cocaine and at-accidentally has a speed ball overdose.
-Vince takes her to Lances house where they give her and injection of adrenaline to revive her.
-Vice takes a now revived Mia back to her house and they promise never to speak of this again.
-A day or so later the boxer Butch goes to his boxing match.
-It turns out that Butch had no intention of throwing the fight and instead won, took Marcellus' money, and took the money he won for gambling on the fight.
-Marcellus puts out a hit on Butch.
-He takes a taxi where the driver tells him that he beat the other fighter to death.
-He goes back to his girlfriends apartment and they talk about their plan to run away to Mexico then Butch gives her "oral pleasure".
-In the morning Butch finds out his girlfriend forgot to pack his Great-Great-Grandfather's watch which had been passed down from generation to generation.
-Butch goes back to get it and finds a machine gun laying on his kitchen counter. It turns out Vice is in the Bathroom and was waiting for Butch but now Butch has his gun and he naturally puts a hundred bullets in Vince's torso.
-Butch leaves with his watch and as his is at a stop sigh Marcellus happens to be crossing the street. Butch rams Marcellus with his car and ends up getting in a crash himself.
-Both bloody and limping case after each other until finally they end up in a pawn shop where the owner breaks it up and knocks the two out.
-It turns out that this pawn shop has a sex dungeon basement where a guy in a gimp suit lives. The Owner calls his friend Zedd where they proceed to take Marcellus into a back room and rape him.
-Butch menages to free him self and knocks out the gimp. He is about to leave but decides to save Marcellus and grabs a Katana off the shelf. He storms in and vivisects the owner and points the blade at Zedd giving Marcellus ample time to run and grab a shotgun and shoots Zedd in the groin. Marcellus lets Butch live for saving his life as long as he never tells anyone what happened and that he never comes back to Los Angelas. Butch leaves as Marcellus plans to calls some guys to come to torture Zedd to death (they probably kill the gimp).
-Butch steals Zedds motorcycle and picks up his girlfriend where they go to the train station that'll take them to mexico.
So does it still hold up?


It shouldn't be hard to rip and re-edit in order; do include the flashback but not at the start, place it between the motel and Butch's return to the apartment to retrieve the watch. I judge the movie loses 40% of its appeal if presented this way.