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The two retrieved bits of sex worker Exxie Wilson murdered in June 1980 by one of the Sunset Strip Slayers Doug Clark on a solo venture. Clark shot Wilson in the head and decided to keep it as a present for his partner in crime Carol Bundy. Bundy would apply full make up to the head before Clark fucked it. After a few days in the fridge they dumped the head in an ornate box in a Hollywood alleyway. The body had been dumped earlier in San Fernando woodland.
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With over 220 thousand unsolved murders in the US since 1980, estimates that put the number of active serial killers at any one time here at 2000 are probably woefully low. What used to be shocking has become commonplace, and just like mass shootings, sex murders are barely news anymore. I spoke with one homicide detective who happens to be a good family friend and he told me that if the numbers of unsolved missing persons cases are added to the unsolved murder rates, the numbers would tripple.

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