The Teen Executioner


The Other Green Menace
Here are some drawings with my made up serial killer. He likes to rape and kill young girls.
Keep in mind that I rarely finish a drawing (so they lack certain elements and parts), and at least for now, all of them are photos taken with a low resolution phone camera and then tweaked. So deal with it.

I have plenty more, but all of them are at another location for the time being, so I don't plan to upload them anytime soon.

In The Woods.jpg Hunted Down.jpg

Other recent sketches:​


young girls
4.) Child pornography-related links, jokes, images, videos, drawings, cartoons, insults, innuendo or anything that references this subject and/or the sexual abuse of children is strictly forbidden.

Exclusions obviously would include news articles, debates or Michael Jackson. Posting child pornography will result in an immediate and permanent ban; in addition, we will alert the appropriate authorities and provide them with any and all pertinent information in our possession. Threats toward another member's child(ren) and/or distasteful references thereof are also forbidden.
Think carefully about any further drawings you upload. If they look like kids, it will be viewed as being against the rules.


The Other Green Menace
Well you better keep an eye on those little girls with their crouch undressed, after being run over by a truck.
I read the regulation, and I thought as long there is no reason to think that character was abused sexually, it was legit.

I have no intention to draw or to promote child pornography, as I am not interested in that subject, just in young adult females. It just happens that I like my girls skinny and with small tits, the runway models type!
I do agree that particular one ended up looking as a child 100%.

Also the subject of the drawing was Gore, not pornography!

On a different note: isn't fucked up how a pussy makes you blush, but a severed head makes you smile?!


The Other Green Menace
Let's see some more. You know you have them right next to you anyhow.
I shit you not. Just moved last month, all my drawings are in a sealed box, and I'm lazy to go and get them from where I store most of my shit.

I plan to do so when I finally buy a scanner, since all my drawings are on A4.

But I did made some quickly sketches in the last few days, so I will up them. I'm afraid no gore is in them. Look for in the first post.