The Ultimate Nude Celebs (Nude,Oops,See-Thru,Up-skirt,Accidental,Exposed,Leaked)


And any and all of the other famous types;At the end of the day,their just people,like U and I...tear-em apart,and they look the same on the inside;the same as U and the same as Me...SP

Budget Morgue

I smell the stench of your loved ones
I have an extensive library of Celeb Nudes, Oops, See-thru's, Upskirt shots, Accidental's, Exposed & Leaked.
Feel free to post, i only ask that they not be FAKE/PORN images of celebs. I hate that shit & it just looks awful.
And please try to provide a name of the celeb, at least then someone can google it & find out who they are.

In case you were wondering, "Who is considered to be a celebrity"?

"Celebrity is fame and public attention in the media, usually applied to a person, group of people (celebrity couple, family, etc.), or, occasionally, to animals. Celebrity status is often associated with wealth (commonly referred to as fame and fortune) and fame can often provide opportunities to make money. Although the term is often intended to refer to famous individuals, it is commonly used to refer to anyone who has had any moderate public attention in media, regardless of how well-known they are beyond their niche."

Who i consider to be a celebrity.
-Internet Fame
-Reality fame
-World/International leaders

If they've ever been a part of any of these , then i consider them to be a celebrity.

That's about it...try not to fap :fapfap: too hard & enjoy!

I will start it off with some Charlotte McKinney lingerie pics, previously unreleased. If you don't know her she is from Carl's Jr/Hardee's commercial.

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Don't know who she is,being English but FUCKING NICE TITS MATE


If Florence Nightengale and Hitler had a daughter