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Here in Hongcouver , Willie Pickton had a massive farm in Coquitlam and many street girls and hooker found their demise at this farm , anyways he raised pigs and the pigs ate the dead bodies and then he slaughtered the pigs and sold the meat to Safeway and I'm pretty sure we all ate dead hookers at some point back in the early 2000s
Haha. It’s so true. I was in the army and what was in our food was questionable 🤨😹


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I lived just down the road from a dick who killed a woman and hid her body under the bath. After 1 trial he was found innocent they changed the law so you can be tried twice for the same crime as they knew he did it. We all did. Right cunt he was


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david berkowitz (.44 cal killer) lived a couple of towns away from me as a kid. and committed crimes not too far from where i lived either.

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