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Story (in Chinese): 竹市風箏節3歲女童被捲上天 市府:將檢討與追究原因 | 聯合新聞網:最懂你的新聞網站

Crappy translation:
"...2020 Hsinchu City International Kite Festival yesterday in Hsinchu International Kite fishing arena debut today 15:40 a 3-year-old girl because of the wind field, causing the body wrapped candy kite tail section, volume was kite heaven, but fortunately no injuries girls . Zhang Li Ke, Director of Industrial Development of the Hsinchu City Government, said that the caster will guide the child down and catch the child through skills at the first time. On-site activities have been suspended, and the cause will be investigated and reviewed.
Some people posted the video PO on the Facebook group "Hsinchu Big Things". From the screen, it can be seen that it is suspected that the strong wind at the scene rolled the girl into the air. Again and again..."

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