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Throw your Weed out the Window?


At Least He Didn't Throw Out The Cake

Jessica Fletcher

"Solved" a murder in every town I've been to.
What's that in American dollars?
About 78p in a dollar atm.
Does it go off or lose some of it's potency if you store if for an amount of time pal?

Not far off double.
Not that I know of, apparently the best method is when you pick the weed it goes in a jar which you open once a month or so and close again this helps it proof for a better smoke.
Im not sure how long you can do this and it be beneficial though.
And i only read this it's not from personal experience.
Can't read the OP, only the thread title.

A neighbour threw four yellow 'surprise eggs' from his window once when the cops were ringing/entering the door (and arrested him). I was working on my moped standing in the street at this time..
Surprise! :nig:
Three eggs contained 14 grams mediocre H; the fourth had only material for cutting (mannitol) inside.
How much worth of Weed would have been there and would all that have come from one plant? I'm not well up on Weed.
Couple lbs on the roof, another lb on the street. Value depends on the quality. Doubt it's all from one plant based on the fact it appears to be trimmed & ready to go. One plant can easily produce what that guys throwing out the window. We got 25lbs off a single plant couple yrs ago.

Foreskin Goblin

The absolute state
Pure stupidity, probably has a littering charge now too.
Me walking past *whistling innocently*

*grabs handful of weed and runs, but due to being a lazy smoker i make it less than a block and get arrested* lmao that seems like something that would be a tv show or smthn
Pure stupidity, probably has a littering charge now too.
Also, do you have a download for it? My friend would love this but he doesnt like gore