time cloaking

I really hope we're on the verge of making a gigantic leap in our evolution with this type of science....we've been stuck in the "combustion" age for too fucking long now! Since the advent of cars, planes and fire crackers we have simply been running on the spot, going over the same stuff and improving on it's design but remaining stuck within the limitations of wheels , wings and fire...Sure we may have gone from Model-T to Audi, but it's still just a car....now we need to break through the dumb barrier and enter the age of hyper-warp time travel through the wormhole to the tenth dimension, but something tells me we never made it or if we did it was a one way trip, because if we ever did manage to travel in time either forward or backward, surely we'd have acquired technology far superior to what we now have and brought it back to now or even before now...but we can't have coz we're still rolling around on wheels which means that nobody ever went to the future or the past.

Anyway, I hope this time cloaking eventually has some practical value for us instead of being merely another piece of useless theoretical science.......I'd settle for a cloaking device while I go out an rape women :D That'd be kewl!!