Tommy Robinson jailed for 9 months


why solitary? put him in gen pop. and see how tough he really is!
The problem with him in general pop is there are sooo many people that want a pop at him it really wouldn’t be fair, prisons are full up with our Asian brothers, which is strange as Tommy was brought up in Luton and went to school with quite a few that actually like him ??‍♂


Utter bastard
He filmed outside of the court where the trial was happening, in a public place, like anyone has the right to do.. but they said that uploading the video could have affected the trial of a bunch of Asian pedos.. who were all guilty


He was breaking their human rights by showing the world who they were and what they looked like,

Real shame the motherfucking Muslim cunts weren’t worried about the human rights of the girls they were drugging and raping eh?

Almost Human

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Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Lennon is a chill.
Pretty sure his good friends from Israel will help him out.


Seeker of Truth!
why solitary? put him in gen pop. and see how tough he really is!
WTF the dude was trying to make people aware of the young girls (kids) being raped by the Muslim immigrants, the Muslims had spent 2 yr out on bail, basically nothing being done to them. He showed up at one of the hearings and repeated in his phone video I believe what the BBC had written about it. He is trying to do what is right and being punished for it while the Pakistani Muslims are still free to rape the young girls and he and his wife have been warned their lives are in danger!